4ft x 32''(W X H)Skirt For Portable Stage
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4ft x 32''(W X H)Skirt For Portable Stage Systems
Skirts for portable stage systems made from velvet, color options. You can choose from 4' wide or 8' wide, or you can custom made. The skirt comes with skirt clips, compatible with all smilestaging portable staging systems.  Size can be custom made as well.
This skirt size 4ft x 32'', Add the finishing touch to your stage with pleat stage skirts, made of flame-resistant vevelt. Includes 5 skirt clips per skirt for attaching to stage. 

Standard Size Option:

4ft X  8"
4ft X  16"
4ft X  24"
4ft X  32"
4ft X  40"
4ft X  48"

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