Easy, Affordable, Modular Portable Staging Systems
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Smilestaging proudly introduce new version of portable stage to all customers. Complete portable stage sets consists of modular, lightweight platforms and risers that can be combined to accommodate performances, speeches and graduation ceremonies. The dependable aluminum frame is heavy duty for years to come, and the deck is available in your choice of non-slip finish, carpet or polypropylene. Smilestaging allows total flexibility in the design of your stage. decks of different sizes are joined to create different stage layouts. The stage is supported by risers, available in a range of standard heights. Now you can easily to set up a customized performance staging or flooring system without any expensive time and labour. 

Components Of Portable Staging
              Decks of portable stage                                                      Risers of portable stage
The deck of size is in various for yourchoice,                            The decks is the supported by risers, available 
the most popular one  is 4ft x 4ft to be joined                            in range of standard height to layout your flooring 
for a stage Layout. As well as available in yo-                           system. This openable riser is easily to storage
ur choice for no-slip/ carpet/ polypropylene.                              and transportation.

          Skirt Of Portable Stage                                                         Guard Rail Of portable Stage
Pleat skirt is made from black velvet, size                                  Install guard rail on your stage is for safety. All
matched according to the height of the riser.                            simlestaging portable stage come standard with 
Color & size can be customized.                                                pre-marked and semi-drilled holes for guard rails,
                                                                                                  you can install the rail easily.

How to install Portable staging?
Smilestaging help you enhance any musical and theatrical performance or speaking event with safe and durable portable stages and risers. But how to set up portable stage without any expensive time and labour? This might be the problem most people concern. 
It’s quick and easy to assemble. The platform is quite light and the risers are openable, the most important thing is that the locking way of your new smilestaing portable stage is difference from old version. We just need to attached the platform to risers and them lock the deck and riser, it saves you much more time and labour. 

Step 1:  Unhold your portable staging riser legs

Step 2:  Attach the deck to the risers

Step 3:  Lock the deck and riser(picture attached, lock the deck and riser)

Why do we choose Smilestaging Portable Staging?
Whether it is a big companies, small companies outside the exhibition are required to build a temporary portable stage, portable stage is popular because of it can provide a wonderful solution for professionally staged events in any multipurpose areas and all types of tent events, special events, sports facilities and venues including ice arenas, stadiums, and other high profile locations.  
Smilestaging portable stage allows total flexibility in the design of your stage. Decks of different sizes are joined to create different stage layouts. The stage is supported by risers, available in a range of standard heights. What's more it can be handled by one man to set up, quick and easy to assemble.  Also it's so light and strong it can easily be transported in a small vehicle. Any further information you want to know, just contact us. 
About smilestaging
Smilestaing Portable Staging is a division of Rack In The Case, we are the leading manufacturer of staging, truss, flight case, dancing floor, pipe and drape in China.
Smilestaging manufacutures all typle of stages to solve a variety of portable staging needs and from our humble beginnings in 2001 to an internationally recognized manufacturer, Smilestaing has maintained its devotion to quality and integrity. We are proud to provide schools, churches, hotels, performance groups and facilities with leading-edge portable stages, risers and services. We welcome you to visit our office and factory to talk about more details for your project.

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