1m x 2m Stage Panel, Black Carpet Finish
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1m x 2m Stage Panel For Portable Stage Systems, Black Carpet Finish

This is 1m by 2m modular stage panelBlack Carpet Finish. This modular stage surface with durable industrial finish featuring multiple layer sandwich construction (9 mm high-density plywood/7.5 mm honeycomb grid/4 mm high-density plywood) with aluminum profile on all side and integrated platform interlocking system. Supports up to 900kg/square meter. 


Finishes options:
  • Carpet
  • No-slip fiish
  • Plexiglas
Dimensions: 0.30ft x 6.7ft
Inches: 3.6" w X 80.4" d 
Centimeters: 1m x 2m
Weight: 28kg 
Riser Options (sold separately):

RAK-RT1020X10 1MX2M Platform 10CM
RAK-RT1020X20 1MX2M Platform 20CM
RAK-RT1020X40 1MX2M Platform 40CM
RAK-RT1020X60 1MX2M Platform 60CM
RAK-RT1020X80 1MX2M Platform 80CM
RAK-RT1020X100 1MX2M Platform 100CM

Accessories (sold separately):
  • Stage Skirts
  • Guard Rail 
  • Stairs
  • Storage Cases

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