4ft x 4ft Decks / Platforms Non-slip Finish / Surface
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This is 4ft by 4ft modular stage panel, industrial finished(non-slip finished). This modular stage surface with durable industrial finish featuring multiple layer sandwich construction (9 mm high-density plywood/7.5 mm honeycomb grid/4 mm high-density plywood) with aluminum profile on all side and integrated platform interlocking system. Supports up to 900kg/square foot. 

Finishes options:
  • Carpet
  • No-slip fiish
  • Plexiglas
Dimensions: 4ft x 4ft 
Inches: 48" w X 48" d 
Centimeters: 121.92 w X 121.92 d 
Weight: 17kg 
Riser Options (sold separately):
  • 4'x4' Square Riser, 4" High
  • 4'x4' Square Riser, 8" High
  • 4'x4' Square Riser, 16" High
  • 4'x4' Square Riser, 24" High
  • 4'x4' Square Riser, 32" High
  • 4'x4' Square Riser, 40" High
Accessories (sold separately):
  • Stage Skirts
  • Guard Rail 
  • Stairs
  • Storage Cases

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