RK provides three different portable stage packages
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Stage package the most common sizes that customers ask for: small portable stage package, mid sized portable stage package, larger portable stage package. RK has put together 3 different stage packages. Please keep in mind that these are just basic stage packages with portable stage skirting, stairs & legs.

portable stage package

A guide to help you select a stage package that best fits your needs

Small Portable Stage Packages: for portable stage 2ft×2ft, 3ft×2ft, 3ft×3ft, 4ft×2ft
Mid Sized Portable Stage Packages: for portable stage 4ft×3ft, 4ft×4ft, 5ft×2ft, 5ft×3ft
Larger Portable Stage Packages: for portable stage 5ft×4ft, 6ft×2ft, 6ft×3ft, 6ft×4ft

* Color: Black & gray & red etc.

RK portable staging packages are an easy and very economical option, we can also even modify any stage package or create one for you, so you can tell us the size of stage package that you are interested.

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