Our revolutionary new RK Beyond Stage
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There are three RK portable decent stage platform stardard size , widely used in large-scale outdoor performance, indoor performance concerts.

Tpye A: Regular Type: 1MX1M; 1MX2M; Top:plywood.organic glass or non-slip pedals.

Type B: Enhanced Type:1MX1M; 1.22MX1.22M; 1MX2M;Top:carpet finished,non-slip industrial finished or organic glass.

TpyeC:Special Type: 1MX1M; 1.22MX1.22M; 1MX2M; Top:carpet finished,non-slip industrial finished or organic glass.

All RK Stage System can do just about anything and just about anywhere! Use it outdoors, at the beach on a sloped hill or just about anywhere you can imagine! RK Portable Beyond Stage Perfect for: Schools, Universities, Clubs, DJ's, Halls, Bands, Houses of Worship, Event Organisers, Concerts & more!

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