Carpet Finish Stage With Step
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Nom-slip Finish 12ft x 8ft Portable Stage Systems With Step

This 12ft x 8ft portable stage systems is composed of 4'x4' modular stage panels, you can choose 3' x 3' modular stage panels as well. The modular stage panel is new version which join with risers much easier than old type.
The completely modular of portable stageing includes: steps, guard rails, skirts and chair stops can be attached quickly to any configuration. Stages can be set up by one or two people within a few minutes. When not in use, store them on transportation trolleys or flight cases.

The Portable Stage System Features:
  1. 6 pieces - 4'x4' stage panels 
  2. Folding legs are directly secured to the box frame and lock firmly in place by spring lock.
  3. Platform surface has a seamless, smooth surface design, you can choose from carpet or non-slip finish 
  4. Strong metal box frame construction around platform perimeter provides a wide grip for easy carrying and set up
  5. Stage panels weigh 17kg each, lighter than any other stages
  1. Carpet
  2. Plexiglas
  3. non-slip finished
Height Option:

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