1m Guard Rail For Aluminum Stage Systems
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1M Safe Guard Rail For Aluminum Stage Systems

Your guests will perform with confidence on stages and risers supported all existing Smilestaing Accessory. Excep the legs, risers, stair, Safty Guard Rails are ideal for outdoor performance or events.  The Aluminum Staging guard rails bring easy access and safety to your stage. The width is matched based on your stage platform, attaches easily to edge of aluminum stage panels. Stairs guard rail is available as well. 

Various Size Of Aluminum Stage Platform Guard Rails:

RK-ASGR100 Wide = 100CM Height = 1M
RK-ASGR122 Wide = 122CM Height = 1M
RK-ASGR200 Wide = 200CM Height = 1M
RK-ASGR244 Wide = 244CM Height = 1M

Various Size Of Guard Rail Legs:

RK-ASGRL0406 Matching 0.4m~0.6m Height = 1M
RK-ASGRL0610 Matching 0.6m~1.0m Height = 1M
RK-ASGRL0812 Matching 0.8m~1.2m Height = 1M
RK-ASGRL1015 Matching 1.0m~1.5m Height = 1M
RK-ASGRL1520 Matching 1.5m~2.0m Height = 1M

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