4ft Straight Ramp For Wooden Dancing Floors
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4ft Straight Ramp For Wooden Dancing Floors

The wooden and PVC dance floor is the most traditional floor style. Available for any type of event and able to be installed in almost any type of venue. Except the decks, ramp is the other part for complete dance floors systems. Mainly there are two types straight ramp and bevel ramp. Attached one is 4ft straight ramp, also show you other standard size for option. 

Straight Ramp For Wooden Dance Floor 

RKW-DFR2x2-S 2ft (straight)
RKW-DFR3x3-S 3ft (straight)
RKW-DFR4x4-S 4ft (straight)

Bevel Ramp For Wooden Dance Floor 

RKW-DFR2x2(BX) 2ft (bevel)
RKW-DFR3x3(BX) 3ft (bevel)
RKW-DFR4x4(BX) 4ft (bevel)

Straight Ramp For PVC Dance Floor 

RKWL-PFR462 462X105X25mm
RKWL-PFR693 693X105X25mm
RKWL-PFR924 924X105X25mm

Bevel Ramp For PVC Dance Floor 
RKWL-PFR800(BX) 800X105X25mm 

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