4ft x 4ft Black Interlocking Dance Floor
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4ft x 4ft Black Interlocking Dance Floor 

Smilestageing portable dance floors are ideal for use at hotels, in the home and motels looking for a practical special-event dance floor, in dance studios that need a lightweight traveling or practice floor, at trade shows, exhibits and temporary retail displays. Smilestaging Dance Floor is made of PVC and plywood, . It is simple to install, transport, and store, making it the most practical portable dance floor available.

Modular Floor Types:
  • Plywood
  • PVC
Color Option
  • Black
  • White
  • Grained
  • Custom made
Modular Size

  Model NO.                      Size(ft)
RKW-DFP2X2                 2' X 2' X (30mm)
RKW-DFP3X3                 3' X 3' X (30mm)
RKW-DFP4X4                 4' X 4' X (30mm)
RKW-DFP2X4                 2' X 4' X (30mm)

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