Durable Aluminum Stage Systems For Outdoor Performance
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Staging platforms are the cornerstone of Smilestaging equipment line. Known for the durable and versatile Smilestaging Aluminum-frame Stage deck, our staging platforms are used for outdoor performances for a variety of events and venues. While the Smilestaging aluminum stage platform is reserved for those seeking weatherproof stage decks for outdoor sports venues, aluminum stage is touted as one of the most durable and versatile portable stage decks in the market.  This aluminum outdoor Deck attaches to all Smilestaging support systems (with the same dimensions), and accepts all existing Smilestaging deck accessories. 
Choose from carpet, no-slip finished surface, they are lasting value for years to come. 

Main Components Of Aluminum Stage

Your guests will perform with confidence on stages and risers supported all existing Smilestaing Accessory. Below will tell you the mail of Aluminum Stage, they’re ideal for outdoor performance or events.   

Aluminum Staging Deck                                                          Aluminum Staging Legs
Made of high-strength fireproof plywood, the                           Each deck attached to four legs, the neighbouring 
stage Decks are so rigid that performers                                 decks can share two legs. Size are various from 
think they’re on a permanent floor. There are                          40cm~200cm. Just depends on your project and events.                         
many size available for the stage decks, giving 
you a choice for each event. 

Aluminum Staging Risers                                                       Aluminum Staging Guard Rails
Smilestaing Aluminum staging riser feature                               The Aluminum Staging guard rails bring easy 
a strong tubular frame construction that pro-                             access and safety to your stage. The width is 
duces a sturdy support structure. Other bran-                           matched based on your stage platform, attaches 
ds risers use a weaker aluminum material                                 easily to edge of aluminum stage panels. Stairs 
or recycling and seams that can weaken the                             guard rail is available as well.
support structure.

How to assemble Smilestaging Aluminum Staging?
Your Aluminum Staging System is quick and simple to assemble if you follow up the steps. The pieces are easy to be handled by one person within one minute, and set up the risers, supports and attaching the platform to the risers, build a larger area with multiple decks can be handled with your hands. The key point is we can save much time and labour for our events and performance.

Step 1: Put four adjustable base plate in respective place

Step 2: Sleeve the base with pillar and faster stage brace between pillars

Step 3: Follow step 2 and complete the rest pillars

Step 4: Cover the installed bracket with platform

The Application Of Aluminum stage
Aluminum Stage Perfect for large events, outdoor performance, and big activity. The most popular panel is modular in 4'x4' sections so you can configure in many different ways, or you can choose 4’ x 8’ or mix them to complete your upcoming project. You can also purchase more sections in the future to expand the size of the stage. 
The base plate and legs are adjustable to meet your guests different request, below is a complete system.

About Smilestaging
Smilestaing Portable Staging is a division of Rack In The Case, we are the leading manufacturer of staging, truss, flight case, dancing floor, pipe and drape in China.
Smilestaging manufactures all typle of stages to solve a variety of portable staging needs and from our humble beginnings in 2001 to an internationally recognized manufacturer, Smilestaing has maintained its devotion to quality and integrity. We are proud to provide schools, churches, hotels, performance groups and facilities with leading-edge portable stages, risers and services. We welcome you to visit our office and factory to talk about more details for your project.


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